Get rid of pests inside your home and garden with ease! Apply our all-natural repellent products, for positive results.

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Whether you are trying to catch mice, rats, squirrels, fleas or any other pest, our products react differently to natural oils and other earhtly ingredients. No hurting yourself, your children, your pet or the environment!

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"We live in a rural area and we have all kinds of critters, but raccoons are such a problem! They get into garbage cans you think they can't get into! We even tried putting out cages, but they got out of those as well. We tried this product and honestly it worked! One time and those demons have not been back!! We are very pleased with this product and it's a great value!*"


Keep Your Home Pest-Free With Our
Top 10 Exterminating Products

1. Rat Bait Station

The perfect rat killing device. A great size and a discreet green color to blend in with shrubs and grass. Safe and simple to use with a built in lock system to ensure childen and pets stay out. Works with all types of rat poison and bait.

2. Mice Bait Station

Small enough to fit under your sink, behind your fridge, in a pantry, or in your garage and not even notice it after its placed! Designed by professional exterminators to be the perfect size for all mice.

3. Snake Defense Spray

Keep out those venomous and non-venomous snakes from your gardens, doors, windows and more. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It works great on most common types of snakes. All-natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals.

4. Rodent Defense Vehicle Protection Spray

Avoid paying for repair costs by keeping mice and rats away from your carts, trucks, boats and more! Protect anything with a motor! Spray everywhere you can reach and directly on wiring to prevent rodents from gnawing, nesting, and chewing in your vehicles.

5. Lizard Defense Spray

Protect your home and garden from unwanted visitors! Perfect for spraying pests in your garage, shed, deck, and patio. It also works great on sidewalks, doorways, driveways and plants so you don't have to worry about lizards bothering you again!

6. Bee and Wasp Defense Spray

Keep the most common types of bees and wasps away from your yard, garage and home! Contains no harmful pesticides and is made with natural ingredients like peppermint and cinnamon oil.

7. Racoon Defense Spray

Say no more to those pesky raccoons who sneak up on your home and garden! Our formula uses natural pepper and peppermint essential oils that deter raccoons without harming them.

8. Frog Defense Spray

This formula uses natural citronella and lemongrass oils to deter frogs, keeping them away from your yard, garage, basement, and ant other frog-infested areas in your home.

9. Silverfish Defense Spray

Keep the dark and damp corners of your home free of creeping, crawling silverfish naturally with this trusted formula. Whether you have a few silverfish or a full-blown infestation, this spray has your back!

10. Coyote Urine Spray

Coyote urine fools critters into thinking there is a predator nearby, keeping them away from your property and leaving you to enjoy your space in peace. Keeps away squirrels, deer, gophers, and more. Our spray’s peppermint scent disguises the odor for humans while still being effective against unwanted animals.

Reasons To Buy Exterminator's Choice

5 Stars from over 5,000 Customers

  • "It's one of the few rodent repellents that actually work. My car wiring was chewed up 5 TIMES by squirrels - it cost my insurance over $2,000. I then started using this product on my car and no more problems for 2 years now. A GREAT PRODUCT!!!!"

    Richard E.

  • "I have chickens and before I started using this product I had trouble with snakes gorging themselves on my eggs. This year I started using snake defense as soon as the weather began to warm. So far I have not seen a single snake!"

    S. Chandler

  • "The only solution to mice for our family. Suffered way too long before we gave in to the price. Totally worth it. Didn’t see a mice after only 2 days with these out. Only saw one again when we forgot to fill them. THEY WORK!"

    Taylore S.