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When it comes to home and garden pest control, Exterminator’s Choice is the clear option for people everywhere. We have done years of research and whether it’s mice, rats, squirrels, fleas or any other pest, it reacts differently to natural oils and other earthly ingredients. Admittedly spraying poisons around your home may be the easier way to go and sometimes a faster solution, but we know that if Exterminator’s Choice products are applied as instructed you will get positive results without the chances of hurting yourself, your children, your pet or the environment. We are always here to answer any questions and thank you for visiting!

What our clients say

Norma, Review

So far working like champ have not seen any sign of rodents getting in to the engine compartment my last car had a costly repair from them eating the wires I will definitely purchase again when it runs out.

LYN - 5 Star Amazon Review

Thanks Exterminators Choice!* I was on the verge of a breakdown. I read the reviews and decided to buy both repellants. the reviews were mostly positive (there’s always one bad apple in the bunch) and after my own use of your products, so is mine. no more worry of mice running ramped around my home and trash. this morning I noticed I was getting low…so you’ll be hearing from me. SLEEPING IS LESS STRESSFUL TOO !!..and by the way, both products get 5 stars ! GREAT PRODUCT !"

David K. Casa Grande, AZ

We kept hearing noises coming from the attic, so I went up to investigate. I found a lot of chewed up boxes and rodent droppings. After cleaning up, I sprayed this all over the attic. I check now check the attic often, and there’s no sign of anything ever coming back. This product works; we no longer have any unwanted guests."

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