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Vehicle Protection

Rodent Defense Vehicle Protection repellent is the perfect solution for anyone who has seen nesting or damage under the hood of a vehicle. Rodents find the engine compartments a great place to call home and while there they cause a HUGE mess and often chew and damage wiring.

Rodent Defense – Small Animal

Rodent Defense Small Animal Repellent Spray is an all-natural formula that will solve your rodent problem in the safest way possible! The repellent is made with all-natural ingredients, and it has a scent that is unpleasant to small animals but pleasant for us.

Mice Defense

Mice Defense all-natural repellent and deterrent will safely make mice choose to go elsewhere to nest. When used regularly, Mice Defense will be an effective tool in keeping your home mice free.

Snake Defense

Snake Defense is the all-natural way to repel and deter all types of snakes, poisonous and non-poisonous. Feel safe if your backyard by spraying a barrier around all area that you need to protect against snakes.

Lizard Defense

Lizard Defense is the perfect tool for keeping lizards and geckos out of your home and garden. Safe to spat around doors, widows, decks, patios, gardens, sheds, or anywhere you want to keep lizards and geckos away from.

Bed Bug Defense

Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Keep your beds and furniture protected from bed bugs the natural way. Using essential oils that are proven to repel you can be sure that you and your children are free from bites and chemicals!

Slug & Snail Defense

Slugs and snails can damage your home and plants. We developed an all-natural solution to the problem in Slug and Snail Defense that uses essential oils and other natural ingredients to keep the little slimy critters from damaging your beautiful plants and flowers.

Lice Defense

Lice Defense works by preventing the problem from ever happening when used regularly. Spraying Lice Defense not only keeps new lice from coming into the home, it will kill on contact any bugs that found their way by other means.

All-n-One Bug Defense

All n One bug repellent works on most household crawling bugs from spiders, ants, roaches, earwigs, beetles and more! Create a barrier inside your home to protect your kitchens, bathrooms and the rest of your inside from bugs.

Tick & Chigger Defense

Tick and Chigger Defense is the perfect solution for the camper, hunter or field worker in your family. Using natural oils like citronella, cinnamon and peppermint that work together to form a protective coating around boots, pants and other clothing and keep you tick and chigger free!

Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent

Keep Rodents Out of Your Life – Our ultrasonic car rodent repellent emits sounds at a high-frequency that rodents hate. The battery operated animal repeller includes LED strobe lights designed to scare the rodents away without toxic chemicals. Ideal for use in the car, garage, & inside the home