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Small Rodent Defense Spray

The best non-toxic formula made by professional exterminators to keep pesky rodents at bay. This powerful formula is designed to repel mice, rats, squirrels, and other small rodents from your home, garage, or garden. Just with a few simple sprays, you're on your way to protection!

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

Non-toxic formula and biodegradable

Easy to use

Long lasting

Safe to use around kids and pets

Available in two sizes

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Protect your home or garden from pesky squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons and other creatures of the night that want to make your home their home!

1 Gallon

4 | 900+ Ratings

1 gallon

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Easy To Use

Long Lasting


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32 Oz

4 | 2,700+ Ratings

32 oz

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Easy To Use

Long Lasting


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32 Oz - 2 Pack

4 | 90+ Ratings

32 oz 2 pack

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Easy To Use

Keep rodents away longer with this 2-pack!


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5 Stars from over 2,700 Customers

  • "I have had a squirrel living in my attic for years and have tried everything to make him vacate. Tried live traps... no luck. I've had exterminators come out... no luck. I bought this product with both hope and skepticism. To my surprise and utter amazement it works! I followed the directions and, with fingers crossed, it's been over a month and the little devil is gone!"


  • "I have woods in back of my house. I have been bothered with raccoons coming on my deck. This was an every night event. I was at wits end on what to do....I did not want to injure or kill any of them. I saw this product on Amazon and figured I would give it a try. Went out during the day and cleaned my deck. When it was dry, I sprayed this around the periphery. That evening I was amazed that for the first time in weeks, NO raccoons showed up. It has been 4 nights now!!!! I am absolutely sold on this product!!!"


  • "I couldn’t believe and still can’t! We have a couple of squirrels raiding havoc in my garden, the flower beds and above my fig tree. I sprayed this around the fig tree, as well as on the tree trunk of the five trees on the property, which they run up and down of. Haven’t seen in a week!! Anywhere!!"


Protect your home with pest control made by professional extermina

Small Rodent Defense Spray To Keep Mice, Rats, and Raccoons Away

Keep your yard snake-free
Made in the USA

Safe for Yard & Family

Feel good knowing that you will not be spraying any kind of chemicals or poisons near where your children or pets may be.

Fast Shipping & Made in the USA

We offer fast shipping and are proud to make our products in our family owned and operated warehouse right here in the USA!

All Natural Ingredients

Made with the purest essential oils. We use a blend of ingredients that rodents and small animals can't stand! Safe for the environment and biodegradable!

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Get rid of those pesky squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons and other creatures of the night that want to make your home their home!